Tuesday, April 20, 2010

video of the rsgb 2010 agm held last saturday is now on the batc web site

a video of the rsgb agm held last saturday is now on the batc web site
go to batc.org.uk
then batc tv streamer
then click on film archive

73 Ian G3ZHI
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G4NJI IRLP 5200 Echolink 135909
Rotherham simplex node 145.2875mhz
BATC Live Steaming video http://www.batc.org.uk/
Mobile: 07984732058

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

rsgb agm live webcast 17th april 2010 1000am

saturday 17th april 2010 1000am bst
the rsgb agm will be live webcast
on the batc tv streamer
go to www.batc.org.uk
batc tv streamer
the live events

73 ian g3zhi



Monday, April 05, 2010

access gb7syp packet bbs via telnet

type gb7yk.ath.cx port 23
you will be met with a login prompt
type your callsign then password
at the next prompt type bbs

you get a password from dave g6tva


you must hold a ham radio licence to use this system

73 ian g3zhi