Sunday, February 17, 2008

wy0x irlp's nasty nates usual abuse

Thought people might like to see what type of "professionals" are running the IRLP. All I had was a simple request and I received abuse.


From: "David Krauss" Sir. I don't know who you are. I don't really care. I didn't even respond after I told Paul I felt you were control freaks (which I still do, by the way). He was quite polite in his response, by the way, unlike you. I don't appreciate your writing this tirade with foul language. I did nothing to deserve this. I intend on forwarding this to any IRLP group I can find to show people what type of first-class jerk you are. And yes, I will forward the ENTIRE string so people can see my supposed "bad attitude". It's nothing compared to yours.

----- Original Message ----- From: "Nate Duehr" Questions@Irlp.; Net" <;
You probably misunderstood.

There is an Amateur version of IRLP, which is the large, ever-growing, popular public network. There is also a COMMERCIAL version of IRLP which some hams have chosen to make private links with. Including private Reflectors. They PAID EXTRA for this and Dave handles ALL of those requests.

The Amateur IRLP project was designed with the public network in mind, not private networks. Private IRLP systems require a large amount of customization work and thus, Dave usually does all those himself and charges an appropriate fee for the setup and maintenance, just like folks that are using the technology Commercially.

He may or may not need the extra business right now, and the charges are typically much more than the average ham wants to spend on a system because he needs to cover the value of his time. If you badly want a private Reflector and node system for you and your friends, feel free to contact Dave and get a quote for a price. It will NOT be cheap. The cheap and easy way way to do IRLP is to install a node as part of the regular ham network... now here's the part you need to know... RUN BY VOLUNTEERS.

Your insinuation that we're all a bunch of control freaks is a complaint I don't appreciate. I put in eight to sixteen hours of my personal time a week working on varions IRLP things, software installations, testing, database work, and explaining technical support questions to people. AS A VOLUNTEER if I don't choose to give a DAMN about your private "I only want to talk to my friends system", I don't have to. What motivation is there for me to install your private link system for you? There is NONE.

Add on your crappy attitude, as shown in these e-mail messages and you've got a double-strike against you. Now neither do I have a reason to want to help you, nor do I like you.

WHY in the hell would I want to help you with your installation with an attitude like yours?
I'm a volunteer... I definitely have better things to do. I'm sick of this attitude from people like you that think other people owe you something. I don't.

Paul and I were very polite in our responses up until now. The software is NOT DESIGNED to do point-to-multipoint linking without a Reflector, and Reflector software is a hand-rolled customized beast to set up. The VOLUNTEERS that install people's IRLP nodes and run Reflectors would like to know that we're helping to grow a network -- it's one of the only joys we get out of volunteering -- therefore there's NO POINT in me spending an hour or two of MY

PERSONAL UNPAID TIME to help you install a two or three node Reflector for your private use. It's just a complete waste of my time. It has nothing to do with "CONTROL". It has to do with "SOMETHING I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT." Get it through your thick skull. Go write your own, or do whatever you want to do. Paul was very professional in his reply and you have gotten beligerant because you didn't get what you wanted. I WON'T BE PROFESSIONAL in my reply because I've had enough of demanding *ASSES* like you who think a group of

VOLUNTEERS owes you something! Go away.

Where do these people come from Paul?

Nate WY0X IRLP Volunteer

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